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Cure Keratoconus/Cure KC

Cure KC is an outreach program of the Eye Defects Research Foundation Inc., and is dedicated to both finding a cure for keratoconus and to provide treatment to financially needy keratoconus patients.

Cure Keratoconus/Cure KC

Over the past 17 years, we’ve measured ourselves by the joy we see on the faces of the needy children we’ve helped through our pediatric corneal transplant program and the improvements in treatment brought about by our cutting edge research.
Today, many keratoconus patients are suffering severe financial hardship due to the economic downturn and are unable to afford treatment. Cure KC will ensure that no patient with keratoconus, no matter how financially needy, be denied adequate treatment and all patients with keratoconus ultimately have better lives because of advances in treatment brought about by our research. With your support, one day through our research efforts no one will have to suffer from Keratoconus.

About Keratoconus
Keratoconus affects approximately 1 in a 1,000 individuals. It is a degenerative disorder in which the cornea progressively thins over time and becomes in cone-like in shape. Most patients are treated with uncomfortable hard contact lenses and suffer from the side effects of poor fitting lenses due to the continued change in shape of the eye brought on by the disease. Even with contact lenses patients have visual distortion, multiple images which can affect their ability to drive, read and lead productive lives. In approximately 20% of people, the cornea becomes so thin that the only option is a corneal transplant.

Our Keratoconus Research
Cure KC is the only program truly dedicated to finding a cure and treating keratoconus. Our researchers have identified genes that contribute to the disease and eventually will unravel the mystery that causes keratoconus and we hope to provide treatment through gene therapy. Another new avenue we are exploring is stem cell therapy. In collaboration with the Regenerative Medicine Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, we are growing corneal stem cells, which may be used to cure keratoconus, thus avoiding the need for a more complicated corneal transplant. Though we have been quite successful in obtaining government funding for our research, the funding only supports 40 cents on every dollar we spend on research. To keep this important research ongoing we are very dependant on public donations. If you have keratoconus and hope for a cure, this is a critical program to support.

Our research accomplishments include:

  • We were the first to develop techniques to detect keratoconus ‘early’
  • We identified the first molecular defect in keratoconus
  • We demonstrated that INTACS and transplant surgery can be more accurately and safely done with a laser
  • We identified several gene loci for keratoconus which provide clues for medical treatment
  • We are the first group to explore stem cell therapies for keratoconus patients to prevent the need for a corneal transplant

We are more optimistic than ever that our research will lead to improved treatments and a cure for keratoconus. For those losing their vision to keratoconus and are unable to pay for treatment we ask, with your help, how many lives can we change tomorrow? Join Cure Keratoconus to make an immediate impact.

Cure KC starts with YOU!
Loss of vision not only impacts the individual, but also his or her family and their community. This is the same kind of ripple effect your small gift can produce. By joining forces with The Eye Defects Research Foundation, you can fund vision-saving surgical treatment for the financially disadvantaged, or research to find a cure. Your Cure KC $25 membership gift will help us reach our goal to provide surgical treatment to 100 financially disadvantaged individuals suffering from keratoconus. Are you passionate about curing and treating keratoconus, then, set a goal and encourage your friends and family to contribute to your own personal Cure KC campaign.
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Your Cure KC gift builds awareness
As a Cure KC member, you will raise awareness on a grassroots level and help us bring attention to keratoconus. Your membership can fund treatment for a needy patient, or keratoconus research, it’s your choice!

Cure KC Yearly Membership Levels:

  $10   Cure KC Friend
  $25   Cure KC Member
  $50   Cure KC Partner
  $75   Cure KC Leader
  $100   Cure KC Star
  $500   Cure KC Angel
  $1,000   Cure KC Diplomat
  $2,500   Cure KC Ambassador
  $5,000   Cure KC Trustee
  $8,000   Cure KC Visionary


Vision for the Needy

The Eye Defects Research foundation is committed to helping the most needy who cannot afford vision saving treatments and medication.

The Indigent Clinic & Medication Program

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has a special eye clinic for patients without health insurance and provides eye care for patients in need of a wide range of eye diseases. It is also a teaching clinic for residents and fellows. Our foundation supports the salary of the physicians who staff this clinic, undergo training and participate in clinical research. With your support this vital program will remain a safety net for the needy.

The Eye Defects Research Foundation understands many low-income or uninsured patients cannot afford expensive vision saving medication. Weղe confident our research will one day lead to cures, but in the meantime weղe offering assistance to patients who need and cannot afford their medication.

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Success Stories

July 2009
Jose suffers from a genetic condition called aniridia that leads to lack of certain stem cells in the eye and, as the result,

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October 2007
Charles Dickson, a local Los Angeles Artist with Keratoconus is given the Gift of Sight .

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